IntelliSense Corporation is a leading provider of software solutions for development of MEMS and MicroMachining. As the first company in the world, IntelliSense has developed a system of integrated software modules that can accurately model MEMS designs and also associated with Uniques Etching techniques(Wet and Dry etching), and simulate experiments. IntelliSuite now boasts the widest range of features available in a MEMS tool, and remains unsurpassed in its simulation capabilities, robustness and ease of use. Blueprint, is a physical design tool that incorporates advanced layout, design rule check, cross section exploration, and automated mask to hex mesh capabilities. CleanRoom process suite allows you to create and debug your process flow and your mask set before you enter the clean room. It allows you to make virtual prototypes to save costly fabrication mistakes. Advanced Fastfield Multiphysics tools feature fully coupled electrostatic, mechanical, fluidic, and electromagnetic engines. Advanced Model Order Reduction based Extraction techniques capture electromechanical, fluidic and damping behavior into compact models, while EDA Linker seamlessly links IntelliSuite to other leading EDA tools. The software is a unique tool to understand, predict and visualize the MEMS processes in atomistic structures. With the software, MEMS/Microsystem scientists and engineers are able to establish competitive advantages by developing MEMS/Sensors/Actuators Website:




By empowering research and product development professionals with high performance optical design software that leverages recent advances in computing technology, Lumerical helps optical designers tackle challenging design goals and meet strict deadlines. Lumerical’s customer-centric approach to development has enabled Lumerical to create high-impact photonic simulation tools that facilitate the realization of next-generation optical, photonic, opto-electronic and electromagnetic technologies. Lumerical empowers their academic, government research lab and FORTUNE Global 500 customers with best-in-class solutions to innovate across the semiconductor manufacturingdigital imagingsolid state lighting, solar energydata communicationsinformation storage and healthcare, medicine and biotechnology industries.


Lumerical has 4 main products: FDTD - Single and MultiProcessor Finite Difference Time Domain optical Design software, MODE Solutions - Waveguide eigenmode solver and omni-directional broadband propagator design software, INTERCONNECT - Optoelectronic and photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design software package, DEVICE - Powerful semiconductor TCAD device simulation software for silicon-based optoelectronic structures. .More Info





Alemnis is specialized in development, manufacturing and integration of customized instruments and tools for micromechanical testing and nanomanipulation for all fields of microscopy (SEM, FIB, Light microscope, Synchrotron). The product range includes indentation devices for in-situ materials testing, standard and specially customized micro-/nanopositioners as well as advanced gas injection systems.

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